Are you getting stuck on the bottom of Side Control?

Do you feel trapped on the bottom without many options?

Do you wish you could just escape with less power?

Side Control Escapes

This 30 video series will give you all the tools you need to address the obstacles from the bottom of Side Control, as well as help you understand key principles of defending and escaping from any position.


As you are exploring this new series and drilling the escapes, I would like you to ask yourself the following questions... am I flat on your back? Is your partner controlling my shoulders or my hips? Am I getting smashed or I can move?


Whatever the answer, don't panic, I've got you covered.


The most comprehensive RŌL TV series yet is here!


Let's get to it!!!


What's included?

01 - Side Control Escapes Intro

02 - Side Control Escapes - Concepts

03 - Elbow Inside

04 - Re-guard

05 - Butterfly Re-guard

06 - Bicep Trap Re-guard

07 - Arm Lock

08 - Neck Control Re-guard

09 - Roll away Reversal

10 - Bridge and Roll

11 - Single Leg with Foot Trap

12 - Roll Back Reversal

13 - Single Leg Reversal

14 - Ankle Trap Reversal

15 - Re-guard with Hip Control

16 - Re-guard from Shoulder Pressure

17 - Kimura Trap Escape

18 - Stif Arm

19 - Reverse Americana Lock

20 - Bicep Slicer

21 - Inside Under-hook Roll

22 - Double Under-hook

23 - Scarf Hold Roll-back

24 - Scarf Hold Roll-back #2

25 - Scarf Hold Roll-back #3

26 - Scarf Hold Re-guard

27 - Reverse Hip Control Bridge

28 - Reverse Hip Control Back Take

29 - Lapel Wrap Re-guard

30 - Lapel Wrap Reversal

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Side Control Escape Series

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