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Key points to always remember when it comes to Self Defense

Be prepared for the ground

You've heard it before, and yet it's so easy to ignore... almost every fight goes to the ground. Not only is physical preparation important, but a strong mental state, with clear expectations could put you at a huge advantage. The question is are you ready to go to the ground?

Become comfortable being uncomfortable

This Self Defense series was developed with one goal in mind, to protect yourself and to escape from dangerous situations.  The reality of life is, that often before we are able to escape we will need to maneuver through uncomfortable positions and pressures applied by the attacker. Eliminating emotional factors like fear, adrenaline, and panic will allow us to make better and faster choices, leading us to more successful escapes.  

Distance Control

This is a pretty simple concept... if I'm able to touch my partner, my partner is likely able to touch (hit) me.  Control the distance and always ask yourself, "is he/she able to hit me".

Defend, Escape, Control and Attack

The most essential part of every escape is this simple four-stage process. 

Defend yourself at any cost.

Make steps toward the escape.

Control the situation before you do anything else.

Once you regain control always finish with a strong attack.

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