Inverted Guard With PJ

You may be think the Inverted Guard is complicated, or difficult, or not for your body type. We are here to challenge those thoughts. Prof PJ Figueroa has prepared a full system of 17 different techniques to help you understand and improve your Inverted Guard.

Not only that, but he will also give you a peek into to Berimbolo!

From the Closed Guard and transitioning to Top and Back Control, all options are available with a simple break down from

Professor PJ Figueroa

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?


01- Inverted Intro

02 - Closed Guard Recovery

03 - Closed Guard Recovery Standing

04 - Inverted Sweep

05 - Triangle Choke from Inverted Guard

06 - Omoplata from Inverted Guard

07 - Inverted Guard to Back Control

08 - Inverted Guard to Back Control 2

09 - Berimbolo Basics

10 - Berimbolo 2

11 - Berimbolo to Leg Drag

12 - Berimbolo to Leg Drag 2

13 - Berimbolo to Back Control

14 - Berimbolo to Back Control 2

15 - Berimbolo to Top Control

16 - Berimbolo to Calf Slicer

17 - Inverted Drill with Partner

18 - Inverted Solo Drill

Open Videos

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