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The Kimura Lock History

Although similar positions to the Kimura Lock are seen in old German shoot fighting manuals dating far as back as 1520, or even in the Khmer temple, Cambodia (12th century). In catch wrestling, the creation of the double wristlock is often attributed to Lorigo Morelli (also known as “Tony” Morelli) during the 1920’s. The lock was also utilized in freestyle wrestling, Robin Reed being one of the most decorated spreaders of the position, paving the way to a gold medal at the 1924 Paris Summer Olympics with several pins performed with the use of the double wristlock.

In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the position became highly popular due to Masahiko Kimura, the judoka who defeated Helio Gracie in a grappling match, by way of gyaku ude-garami.  The lock that now bears his name in the jiu-jitsu circuit.


What's included?

01 - Kimura Lock Intro

02 - Kimura Lock Concepts

03 - Kimura Lock - Half Guard

04 - Kimura Lock - Half Guard Pass

05 - Kimura Lock - Half Guard Adv Pass

06 - Kimura Lock - North South

07 - Kimura Lock - North South Sit Back

08 - Kimura Lock to Arm Lock

09 - Kimura Lock to Carlson Gracie Choke

10 - Kimura Lock - Grips

11 - Kimura Lock - Guard Posture Control

12 - Kimura Lock - Step-over

13 - Kimura Lock - Step-over Sit Back

14 - Kimura Lock - Side Control with RNC Hold

15 - Kimura Lock - Top Control Shoulder Trap

16 - Kimura Lock - Dismount

17 - Kimura Lock - Stack Pass Defense

18 - Kimura Lock - Belt Grip Counter

19 - Kimura Lock - Triangle Setup

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